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This event is by invitation only, and we have been honoured and proud to say that we have been a part of this global floral experience for as many as 7 shows.
And every time we participate, the Ladies of the FDV show ensures all of the Floriste’s experiences are worthwhile, give everyone a stage to show our artistic creations and, above all, have a great time while designing.
From Day 1, ROA has been blessed not only to know the who’s who in the Floral World but also to make instant connections with local floral businesses whose goals are to celebrate, to show what the floral industry can do in this big stage and hopefully, to drive more people believe that flowers do make everyone happy.
See some of our work designs as we hope to do more in the coming future.
ROA dedicates this blog to Ms. Tina, Ms. Gillian and Ms. Lauren.
Until the next time- we are humbled and feeling florally grateful. xoxo

Our Collection of Fresh Floral Art That We Did for FDV

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