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About ROA

CC Roa

Founder, CAFA, CFD, WFC

CC will not stop until “it” is amazing.

This stubborn persistence, intense rigor, high standard and passion for the craft stems from the breadth and depth of her comprehensive educational background.

Through the province’s competitive Professional Floristry and Event Planning programs, coupled with the demanding School of Bridal Consulting, Planning and Coordination, as well as the American Institute of Floral Designers, CC is a veteran in the field.

She is armed with many years of extensive training and hands-on experience which runs the gamut on a national and international level. Along the way, CC has earned the following designations: Certified Designer, Canadian Academy of Floral Art, World Flower Council.

A Family Affair

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

Jamie and Sarah join their Mom

ROA Designs was founded in 1996 and started out with a simple, singular focus: Florals. After recognizing the significant role that florals play in enriching the overall look and feel of luxury events, event design was naturally added to the roster of products and services from what once operated as a humble floral boutique.

As ROA Designs began to scale, CC enlisted the help of two talented individuals who were lucky to inherit their mother’s magical touch–her very own daughters: Jamie and Sarah.

Jamie’s creative prowess and keen eye for design, combined with Sarah’s attention to detail in planning and coordination, has created a recipe for success. Together, this dynamic family unit has built a strong portfolio of work which has captured the attention of many–from newspapers, media outlets, and editorial publications both near and far.

Leaning on this family of designers has built a strong portfolio of work which has captured the attention of many- from newspapers, media outlets and editorial publications both near and far. Having Jamie and Sarah has helped in adding to ROA’s growing trophy case of accolades which include: the Professional BC Wedding Award, Best Bouquets by Wedding Belles, Fleurs de Villes’ Most Realistic Floral Mannequin (Coco Chanel) and the Canadian Wedding Award, to name a few.


Florals to Events to Production

As the industry evolves, so must we.

With CC at the helm, she has been sure to train and hire only the best in the industry. Her pool of talent is a reflection of this. To prioritize people skills aligned with delivering exceptional customer service, everyone on the team is respectful, reliable, and trustworthy.

To match the high calibre of trade skills, a certain level of artistic creativity and industry knowledge is a must. To keep up with our ever evolving customer segments and landscape, having a genuine love for the client, a keen sense of family, and adopting a smarter way of working are required.

Now, 25 years and counting, ROA Designs has steadily grown to encompass end to end event production, while delivering consistent high quality creativity and excellent customer service that continues to leave clients feeling awe-inspired and mesmerized.


Not Just for Wedding Season

Any Occasion, Any Time of the Year

Our services aren’t just tied to the wedding season. We provide floral and event designs for the Sutton Place Hotel’s springtime events and Home for the Holidays. We are also the go-to designers for the Annual Gingerbread Lane since 2004.

Under the helm of CC and Jamie Roa, the talented and passionate team behind ROA Designs is here to make you unlearn what you’ve ever learned about florals and event design. We are here to help you understand your highest hopes and dreams that will make your next event one for the books. Nothing about what we do is accidental. Everything we do is with heart, creativity and intentionality.

We aren’t your run of the mill floral boutique shop. If you’ve come for something traditional and familiar, you’ve come to the wrong place. But, if you’ve come for something daring, avant-garde, and never before seen… this is ROA. We cannot wait to work with you.

Bring Exquisite Elegance to Your Next Event

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