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As a dreamer, nothing can beat my love for seeing the endless possibilities of spreading beauty and art through floral and event designs. Last week, I accepted a design challenge from 2 Event Planning Companies.

Without any hesitation, I decided to take on this design challenge. Using permanent and dried botanicals with some foraged beauties from where these feet may have walked on silently amongst Mother Nature’s given gifts and items from past curated materials, my heart started to think about a marriage of designs between the West Coast (Vancouver, my home) and a Tropical warm vibe (Maui, my “kale” away from “kale.”). 

As we spend more time at home, I found the experience of every day “gathering” with our loved ones could be an intimate or a take on al fresco or a celebration table setting. Who doesn’t love a table complete with the smell of Grandma’s cooking, a great company with lots of laughter over a beautiful bottle of vino, and of course, a table with flowers? 

This tablescape is my ode to family gatherings during these sobering times and many more when the world is back to being “normal.” 

Or maybe, simply an inspiration to doing a tablescape for events, be it in Vancouver or Maui or anywhere in the world – a table design to help feature some of Mother Nature”s “every day” finds that we sometimes need to stop, feel and see that surrounds us. 

Hopefully, everyone would welcome my first tablescape as challenged, with the images I took and now enhanced for posting by my great friend Denise Lin Thomasson of Denise Lin Photography. (Yes, we did find a “loophole” to do work creatively during these times. From my iPhone to her fantastic work in photography.) Thank you, Denise!

I hope you can get inspired and continue to Dream More….. until my next journey through florals.


Roa Floral and Event Design