A Spring Inspired Tablescape Challenge During Covid 19: Part 1

What came out of the First Tablescape Challenge completion two weeks ago, is now a continuation of doing more. Not to be challenged by my peers in the industry, but more on to test myself most, especially during these unprecedented times.

This Part 1 of 2 tablescape design is an inspiration from my trips to Paris in the Spring. The city boasting with pink cherry blossoms, be it around Square des Saint-Simoniens, Jardin des Plantes or Notre-Dame de Paris, while taking a leisurely walk with a cafe and croissant, on one hand, the other, my loyal side kick aka iPhone for picture taking. Oh yes, call me a photo junkie.

Paris might not rank alongside Japan or South Korea in most people’s minds, but it nevertheless puts on a spectacular show from mid-March to late-April.

Today, I reminisce about my strolls in this great city and in hopes my inspiration truly depicts what I am feeling now: gratitude for having experienced this City of Love. Only time time will tell when one ,may visit this city after this sobering times. Printemps manquant à Paris.

This design made primarily using white, pink and green colour combination and pops of spring bloom colours. This tablescape fitting to a more playful but with a timeless feel, for any Bride that would love to see colours with plenty for cherry blooms at Springtime.

Hand made calligraphy custom made by Fozzy Castro-Dayrit of The Fozzy Book. Manila, Philippines. @thefozzybook

Location: My Home




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