Sweet 16 High Tea- Chanel Inspired

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A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous. -Coco Chanel

I wanted to throw the perfect Sweet Sixteen birthday party for my dear niece Leizl, so I took this quote to heart (she adores Chanel) and kept it top of mind when piecing everything together for her special day.

It took place on a gorgeous Sunday morning. We transformed one of the private rooms of Patisserie Für Elise, a pastry shop and tea salon in Yaletown, into an elegant space. Petite bud vases with fresh daffodils and tulips strung together by her favourite aunt (yours truly) were arranged on each table. Classy? Check!

The moment the final guests shuffled in, we all took our seats and waited anxiously for the tea and food to arrive. Each guest was greeted with dazzling menu cards and handmade name cards made by Maurelle Calligraphy. For some, it was their first time indulging in high tea. I could see the excitement in their eyes as the darling teapots, scrumptious food towers and delicious French pastries arrived.

She invited her closest cousins to share this day with her. With the fancy look and feel of the tea salon’s interior, we had a special request for the guests to don their Sunday’s best attire, decked out in pastel colours. Let me tell you, the ladies looked stunning, and the gentleman looked dapper! The birthday celebrant looked lovely – as always. Fabulous? Check!

Once everyone was taking their last few bites, we serenaded Leizl with the traditional Happy Birthday song and gathered around her and the cake – the perfect photo (and selfie!) op.

The cake itself was quite a masterpiece. It was a 2-tier chocolate ganache and citrus cheesecake with a large fondant bow, and Eiffel flowers to round out the Parisienne setting of it all. The outside looked lovely, and the inside was divine. It truly put the ’sweet’ in Sweet Sixteen

All in all, it was a beautiful occasion that brought all her cousins together for a memorable afternoon full of high tea, high spirits, hugs and high fives. What a classy and fabulous way to celebrate a sweet sixteenth birthday – I’m sure Chanel would be proud.

Images by Denise Lin Photography

Location: Patisserie Fur Elise

Calligraphy: Maurelle Calligraphy and Design

Cake: Divine Cakes

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