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The portrait of a woman has evolved drastically over the years. From simple to sophisticated, bread maker to breadwinner, we wanted this stylized shoot to explore the multifaceted modern day woman, and to celebrate the vital role that women play in today’s society. Power words and themes that were top of mind while envisioning this shoot include independent, resilient, complex, uninhibited, empowered, valued.

The venue spaces: When working on a shoot meant to illuminate women’s beauty, what better location to choose than one which showcases all that Mother Nature has to offer? We feel so blessed to have been able to capture our boat scene by the water at Horseshoe Bay. We were in awe when the skies cleared up, right after a few rain showers just before our shoot. The timing couldn’t have been more perfect.

We maximized the natural elements as gusts of wind blew exquisitely towards our model, causing the custom dress made by Hannah Tikkanen to sparkle and sway gracefully. In the midst of this ethereal scene, our model donned the face of an angel with a soft look, and with hair flowing like wings, as magnificently styled by Faces of Micah.

The boat led her to our second venue: our castle-inspired ballroom of the iconic Rosewood Hotel Georgia. The aesthetic we tried to achieve here was “Old glam meets modernity”.

First, the Ceremony set up: with gorgeous gold and dark blue velvet panel drapings, a blue aisle runner, Louis chairs set for an intimate gathering, multiple candle groupings in various sizes, high-end floral designs from long garlands, framed and pave floral arrangements, modern large glass candelabras with floral bases – the entirety of the spread proved to be a feast for the eyes.

Second, the Reception Ballroom set up:

Since it seems as though intimate celebrations will be with us for a while, we decided to make the space fitting for a deeply personal experience. A custom design dance floor and table stationery by Gordon Yip of Unico Print, floor to ceiling velvet draping and candle decor from Maurizio and David of Debut Event Designs, tableware and linens from Pedersens Rentals, Louis chairs from Rojalux Luxury Event Rentals, cupcake designs by Shiela of Cakes N’ Sweets, and last but not least, floral art designs by Sarah, Jamie and myself of ROA Floral and Event Designs. A small detail we loved was the use of the coloured pumpkins with draping wisteria blooms and greeneries.

Cake Vignette: custom cake designed by Shiela of Cakes N’ Sweets with a Moet bottle in hand. The vignette with balloon designs as set up by Allan of ROA Floral and Event Designs.

“A dream is a wish your heart makes,” and our dream is to live in a world where the value of a woman is measured not just by their outward appearance, but also by their substance, complexities, and inner beauty that lies within.

Roa Floral and Event Design