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“ And at the end of the day it’s not about what you have or even what you’ve accomplished…

it’s about who you’ve lifted up, who you’ve made better. It’s about what you’ve given back.”

– Denzel Washington

My team and I have been moved by the enduring efforts, sacrifices and services that our healthcare workers in Vancouver have continued to pour out these past several months. While it’s not the most we can do, the absolute least we can do is to show our deepest gratitude. We’ve decided to do that in the way we know best: flowers.
My team and I, at no cost, handcrafted and hand-delivered a total of 250 single rose bouquets to a few health institutions close to our hearts: Adanac Park Lodge, Little Mountain Place, Sunrise of Lynn Valley, and Louis Brier Home and Hospital.  This showed the token of our appreciation for their unwavering commitment, and service has not gone unnoticed.

Taken from our Facebook post on June 23rd, 2020:

”It has been 1.5 months ago that I’ve kept this little secret. A gift that ROA gave to our frontline and essential service workers. As many would say, some things are meant to be kept in our hearts. But today, it’s been one of those tough days, so I thought I reminisce with you of our 2020 Mother’s Day Journey.
Due to social distancing and not working full force with the ROA Team, my ”pod,” aka Jamie, Sarah, and Leizl made 250 rose bouquets for four different Nursing Homes.
And with the help of Shiela of Cakes N’ Sweets (macarons), Amari (tags and frame signs), UFG, and Don (cinematography), our journey of being able to give back to these real heroes became a ”reality.”
As we arrived at each facility and started clapping our hands, these hardworking workers began to take notice of our noises.
From there, with social distancing and PPEs, we greeted them like real Rockstars!
Many of them were shocked, overwhelmed and even tearful. Many of these workers will be working on Mother’s Day, so we thought of giving them the gifts on a Friday. Not only was it welcomed wholeheartedly, but it was also an experience TEAM ROA will never forget.
How I wished I could have hugged them all, but seeing their joys that day, was significant enough and something I would always cherish in my heart.
It was a small token of an appreciation, but we hope that one day we could do more.
Thank you to them for taking extreme care of our Mamas, Nonnas, Aunties, Papas, Lolos, Titos, and friends that are living in their ”homes,” especially during these unprecedented times.

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