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Modern Cairo

The Theme

We were inspired by the old Cleopatra movie as portrayed brilliantly by Elizabeth Taylor. Her look of grace and beauty, with so much power and fierceness in her eyes, extended beyond the silver screen and made its way into our imaginations as we reimagined a modern-day scene of Egyptian regality.  

Contemporary Cleopatra

We paired our dapper beau model with a contemporary Cleopatra, as though she were to attend a formal event in this day and age. No regal outfit is complete without a crown, cape, and sceptre. The floral art for the headdress and cape was created by Jamie Roa using fresh florals and greens. The sceptre was designed with fresh leaves and blooms by CC Roa. Together, these pieces helped form a striking ensemble fit for a queen. Fresh, fabulous, fierce.

1.) Ceremony Set Up

The colour green anchored this luxurious scene. The wall backdrop was a nod to the peacock type prints found in traditional Egyptian culture, but with a modern twist to help it really stand out. After adding accents of soft gold across the board, the idea of art deco design was born. Art deco inspired printed vinyl wrapped our aisle runner along with velvet pipes and drapings between the two walls. For lighting arrangements, lanterns and multiple candles on cylinder glass vases were added to each side of the aisle. A gorgeous cascading pampas grass with a touch of gold was placed in the center.

2.) Cake Vignette:

The cake was designed to look elegant and high end. We positioned the cake against an art deco print wall with suspended floral and leaves armature on either side.

3.) Tablescape Vignette:

The Sweetheart table was adorned with pampas grass, fresh blooms and leaves. Both end tables were embellished with many candles in cylinder vases and gold candle stick holders. Fresh petal blooms were placed intricately to form an “S” shape, fitting the tables using gold chairs as accents, giving it a luxurious and royal look and feel.

Food styling was designed and prepared by the Chef to connect authentic Egyptian cuisine to the theme. The spread that filled our tablescape was focused around what would have been staples in Egypt for centuries such as lamb, couscous, and shawarma. We added some creativity by crafting an appetizer we dubbed the ‘Pyramid of Crostini’–resembling those of the pyramids found in Giza. Specialty stationery such as menu and name cards were placed accordingly.

4.) Hookah Lounge

To pay homage to the smoking tradition common in Egypt and across the Middle East, we staged a faux hookah lounge using a pipe and draping from the green velvet panel as props.

5.) Celebration Vignette

“Do not cease to drink beer, to eat, to intoxicate thyself, to make love, and to celebrate the good days.” (Egyptian Proverb)






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