Special OccasionsValentine’s Day Fresh Floral ROA Boxes

Colourful Fresh Floral ROA Boxes: A Valentine’s Day Promo

Who said Valentine’s Day is only for lovers? Our campaign this year not only catered to the single Ladies and Gents receiving our custom design ROA boxes  but also we thought of how LOVE could be given. To a BFF, a child or children, a spouse or significant other as this day of LOVE was a celebration fitting any kind of love.  We felt this was well received by many of our clients.

One pre-order we received was from a husband to his wife. As we started designing the box, hmmmmmm, we thought of adding two petite boxes for the little girls this Dad has.  Their little boxes included a posey of fresh blooms inspired from their Mom’s box, AND we added a miniature size doll on each box with heart-shaped chocolates!

When all three boxes arrived in their home, everyone was surprised. To boot, the Dad was speechless.

We love surprises, don’t we all?

Here’s another Love Letter is written for a wife- “amore,” you are a tease and a lifesaver!

Love of a Husband to his Wife and His children on Valentine’s Day:

“To the best wife and mother who always makes me want to do better, even though sometimes it doesn’t look that way. Love you to the moon and back.”










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